Wednesday, 10 October 2012

SOLO TAxonomy

Learning is about effort and strategies. If you put in enough effort and fail you need a new strategy.

Prestructural - do not know anything about the learning outcome
Unistructural - know 1 relevant
Multistructural - know lots of relevant
Relational - when you can make connections between ideas - explain why or because
Extended Abstract - look at all connected ideas in a new way, see the implications in another context and place

The biggest question is how will we link SOLO to PB4L for students?

10 + ways of Raising Student Achievement in Literacy

The joy of writing ...
Things that make a difference
Clearly purposeful
For an audience
That gets a result
Where students experience success
Where students take responsibility but get the support they need to get better
Where students can see and measure their own progress and take some for reflecting on that and reporting to parents

Authentic Feedback
Genuine reader reaction

Collaborative writing
Bouncing ideas around
Opportunities to "borrow" ideas

Remember that we are writing for a reader and we need to:
Paint pictures and images in the mind of the reader through...
Choosing words that are rich and interesting
Varying sentence length and complexity and pace
Sequencing the actions correctly
Checking for text conventions and spelling

Keynote 1- Dr Jason Ohlen

Keynote - Dr Jason Ohler

New Media, New Kids, -New Literacies,
New Citizens, Transforming LEarning through digital creativity

Provide opportunities where students don't have to have the skills because you don't know what doors you might open. If you don't open the door you are turning them away. Kids are banging on the door with their technology so that they can bang on the door. Allow it to open. Makes me wonder about own devices own choices a point to ponder? How can we make this possible?
BYOD - needs to happen it is too expensive to try and keep up with Technology.
Branding on/off to talk to each other.

We live in a society where we a constantly connected. Phones are an extension of the arm. Where does this fit in with school? How can we connect our kid with their devices? Can we possibly begin with year 7 & 8 drive who to teach who?

Text to media collage - moving from the print, to pictures, media, video, still image. Global society you need to be able to use all of these.

Literacy ... Consuming and producing the media forms of the day, whatever they are. We want students to write well. Media literate not just the written form. Is this how our writing PD going? Or are we still too consumed by the written word as teachers rather than written media. Good media is based on good writing. How is this formed? We need to value writing.

The DAOW literacy Digital , Art, Oral and written

Personal and social literacy teach visual and media literacy.

How is our schools mission statement including technology ? Are we including with our kids how technology connects and disconnects? Is this included in our mission statement or any NZ schools mission statement?

Use story maps not story boards.